"Distribution In An Ever Evolving Landscape" with CEO Jere Rae-Mansfield (8/27/2008)

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One of the most frequently asked questions that fellow filmmakers always ask (and one I get frequent emails about) is “what are the best ways to get my film out there? How do I get it seen by people?” The answer brings us to the topic of distribution, which is an ever evolving landscape in the digital age.

In this program, you will hear some very insightful answers from one very innovative and visionary company, Monterey Media, Incorporated, who for nearly 30 years, has been actively engaged in all areas of domestic media, including theatrical distribution to theaters and film festivals, and creates distinctive release strategies tailored to each project.

My guest, Jere Rae-Mansfield, serves in multiple capacities as Chief Financial Officer and Managing Partner, as well as overseeing Monterey’s Creative Departments. Monterey is also the second oldest independent video manufacturer in the industry specializing in unique entertainment such as Multi-Platinum RIAA and ITA Award-winning Grateful Dead concerts, celebrated sports programming including the Bruce Brown Films franchise of motorcycle (On Any Sunday) and surf (The Endless Summer II) films, as well a prestigious library of films adapted from literature’s best from PBS and the American Film Institute.

Over the past year, I have had the pleasure of featuring interviews for three of their visionary entertainment releases, most recently “Whaledreamers”, along with “10 Questions for the Dalai Lama” and “Eye of the Dolphin”.

Listen in and you will hear the story behind what has made Monterey Media so successful, what qualities in a motion picture a leading edge film distributor is watching for, and where the film industry might be headed towards in the future.


About Randall Libero

Randall Libero is a media producer, marketing technologist, talk show host, journalist, and speaker in the interactive media marketing industry. He is a consultant for entrepreneurs, corporations, and small business on to how to tell their story with engaging and dynamic content and to expand their unique message, brand, or product lines for the business or consumer market online. Major areas of expertise include: concept development, online marketing strategy, social media marketing, corporate or personal brand strategy, reputation management, media content development (video or audio scripting), and marketing copywriting; with a focus on latest industry tech applications, sales and marketing processes, web design, live video web streaming and on demand video production. As Senior Executive Producer for the VoiceAmerica Network, (VoiceAmerica.com), he created and directed the pioneering 7th Wave online radio broadcast channel, which premiered in May 2006, and has grown to more than half a million listeners monthly. Randall has personally produced more than 10,000 hours of original radio and TV programming and web events with some of the world’s leading best-selling authors, motivational personalities, visionary thinkers, and business leaders. Randall is also is the producer and host of "Spirit of Film: Conversations" and a recognized expert on the convergence of motion pictures and Internet Media and their impact on society and culture.

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